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"djahé means ginger in Indonesian. Our ginger drinks are made from only the best, organically grown ingredients. 100% organic. 100% vegan."

Organic Ginger Shots

Made from nature's best ingredients and based on direct juices, we have added various natural ingredients to our organic ginger shots. Our shots are not only functional because they supplement the diet with essential vitamins and minerals, they also taste natural and intense. Djahé Shots are made from the best sources of vitamins and minerals nature has to offer. We only use high-quality raw materials from controlled organic agriculture. Our shots naturally come in glass bottles and can be upcycled. As with our lemonades and iced teas, high-quality and organically grown ingredients are particularly important to us. Our shots contain only natural ingredients and no artificial flavors, preservatives or synthetic additives. Naturally, all our products are vegan and not tested on animals. The shots can be used immediately and are great for in-between meals or to take away, as they do not need to be refrigerated. In this way, we try to make healthy eating a little easier and less complicated.


Organic Lemonade

The high-quality direct ginger juice in djahé LIMO is what makes our natural lemonade so special. In the three flavors ginger-lemon, ginger-passion fruit and ginger-rhubarb, we combine the unique freshness of direct juices with the pleasant intensity of ginger, rounded off by a subtle, reserved sweetness.

One quality feature is the naturally cloudy coloration. This is because the solids from the fruit and ginger naturally also end up in the bottle. We deliberately use neither flavourings nor stabilizers in our products. Before enjoying DJAHÉ, please shake it gently - done. And with this simple step, we have saved ourselves all the chemicals and other tuning tricks and can keep our products 100% natural for you! Nice, isn't it?


Organic Iced Tea

Brand new, our tea in three flavors: Black Ginger - Green Jasmine - Sparkling Matcha. djahé TEE has no artificial additives. We only use the best ingredients from fair cooperations, where the value chain is kept transparent and fair. Tea leaves and fruit come from controlled organic cultivation and are freshly brewed and bottled unaltered in glass bottles. We sweeten our tea only lightly with natural agave syrup. The result is a drink that is anything but what you might imagine iced tea to be. djahé TEE is an exquisite tea drink and is carefully produced in our factory in Germany.


"For the joy of ginger... Unmistakable taste with stimulating, antioxidant, antibacterial and healing effects."

We make our delicious ginger lemonades according to our own family recipe. Even as a young boy in Indonesia, our dad Jimmy loved to drink his parents' warm ginger tea. He refined this old recipe into lemonade for his children. The guests at our small Indonesian restaurant in Cologne liked our house lemonade just as much as we did, so they wanted to enjoy djahé at home too - which is why we bottled djahé. As a young family business, we have been on the market nationwide since 2015.

"For the joy of ginger... Ginger is pleasantly hot and aromatic at the same time."


Bruce Co-Founder

"Djahé tastes exactly how I've always wanted a lemonade to taste."


Pam Co-Founder

"Bottling our 'family lemonade' is a fantastic feeling."


Justin Co-Founder

"For me, Djahé is not just a project, but a real matter of the heart."


Günther CEO & Co-Owner

"I am passionate about the internationalization of Djahé premium beverages"


Claudia Co-Owner

"I am convinced of Djahé since I first tried it!”


Benjamin Co-Owner

"As a restaurateur, I sell Djahé - drinks made from direct juices - to my guests out of conviction"

"We don't manufacture mass products, but products from the heart, in which we put all our dedication and passion."

With DJAHÉ, we are consciously committed to sustainable and fair agriculture. We support our small farmers by sourcing our organically grown ginger from cooperatives and paying higher prices than the market rate. Our ginger is characterized by its aromatic, full-bodied and balanced spiciness.

Did you know? With every bottle sold, a portion of our total turnover goes to the Chance e.V. "Mein Regenwald (My Rainforest)" initiative. This project is committed to the protection of 18,000 hectares of Peruvian rainforest and to sustainable development work in the ten neighboring village communities, such as supporting local families and children in sustainable and self-determined development.

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